Not space for separation

by Alejandro Rebollar

As Time moves through Space it carves a trail of wonder and reflection.


by Tie Li

Consumerism is influencing people's cognition and behavior everywhere, and no escape. I imagine that there is a situation, "SUPER-MARKETS", that criticizes consumerism and anti-consumerism at the same time.

Fusion City

by İlayda Keskinaslan

‘Fusion City’ is a concept project that investigates the relationship between urban elements such as urban furniture and modern city dwellers. The main topic of interest of this project is to unravel the hidden potential of this relationship and find alternative ways of showing this interconnection.

The Birch Boost

by Herman Kathle Ødegaard

The birch boost is a project with the aim of exploring the unique qualities of Norwegian birch, and use these qualities to create a marketing boost for the material. I define marketing boost as an over exaggerated promotion aiming to draw attention to a certain matter.

Design Through Synergy

by Benjamim Valand

The project, through my role as a design facilitator, aims to bring together designers from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, to explore and experiment with a new potential way for designers to work. The goal of the project was to collectively design a workspace.

About Death, there is a Park

by Chuan Jiang

Death is inevitable in our daily life. To think about death is important in the limited time of us as human beings. In my project, I conceive a park where people could ‘meet’ death in a rather casual environment. It offers an opportunity for different people to talk openly about death.

The Rainbow in the Room

by Auður Rún Jakobsdóttir

Experiencing Space with Colours Prosjektet handler om å skildre forskjellige opplevelser med farge, lys og kontekst; en fortellende opplevelse av fargesammensetning.

Det som antyder

by Damola Rufai

I mitt sluttprosjekt utforsket jeg hvordan mønstergjenkjenning spiller en essensiell rolle for våre visuelle og romlige oppfattelsesevner som mennesker.

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