Fusion City

‘Fusion City’ is a concept project that investigates the relationship between urban elements such as urban furniture and modern city dwellers. The main topic of interest of this project is to unravel the hidden potential of this relationship and find alternative ways of showing this interconnection.

In the design of a city, there is a personal component to the equation, one that no city planner or architect can provide. The environments that surround us are more than mere material constructs. This research searches for methods to make people question this phenomenon by using visual and literary narratives as alternative forms of design critique. This provides the audience access to certain parts of the story, like the snapshots of a traveler or the logbook of an explorer, leaving space for personal interpretations of the same material. ‘Fusion City’ takes the audience on a journey to show how urban elements that make a city can work in different ways, creating a variety of interpretations of the city through poetic world-building.

The project takes place in a fictive world to communicate these ideas through a design narrative. The story is told by a ‘spatial composer’ whose specialty is cultural architecture and collective creations. Rather than coming up with a defined conclusion, the project creates a space for discussion around a topic that holds immense potential for change. In the narrative, this influencing potential of design is reflected through a civil revolution that is executed through urban acupuncture against a totalitarian regime in the world of Supermodernity. The project gathers proposals from various designers mimicking the cumulative creation of a city and offers us a new perspective. In a way, it is a gathering of glimpses into different realities.


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