BA Final works


by Haldis Hognestad Hasler

Barack was a sheep from New Zealand, escaping the herd and walking the mountains alone for 5 years. He was attacked by wolves, but the wool was felted thick and he survived.

BA Final works


by Haldis Hognestad Hasler

Multi-object (collapible chair, forest mat, baby hammock), pinewood, lambs wool, wild sheep wool, sackcloth)

MA Courses

Exhibition Studio 3

Interior and furniture MA2 research process exhibition.

MA Final works

Not space for separation

by Alejandro Rebollar

As Time moves through Space it carves a trail of wonder and reflection.

MA Courses

Perfectly Used Skin

by Charlotte Mathilde Friis

The project is a speculative exploration of the human skin through experimentation with the qualities of silk and latex.

MA Courses

Arctic Hydrology: A Photographic Exploration of Northern Water Dynamics

by Camila Urrego

​​The project aims to re-establish a connection to our three-dimensional understanding of the world, fostering both physical and intellectual exploration.

BA Courses

KOGL Exhibit

An exploratory collaboration on the aesthetic and constructive properties of lichen and wool as well as their potential use in new contexts.

BA Courses

Restaurant/café at the old munch museum, Tøyen Oslo

by Fabio Ruiz

This school project was focused on giving new use to the old Munch Museum. My proposal was a community center/cultural center with courses in visual art and graphic design. The center would also include a restaurant/café and an event room.

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