Nøkkelslukeren – a key figure of modern Norwegian mythology

by Doina Kvalvik

There is a troll under Kjærlighetsbrua (The Lovers Bridge). He eats falling keys. So next time you attach a lock to the bridge and throw the keys into the river, be sure to throw them so that the troll can easily find them, or it will come up and eat you and your lover instead!

Det lekende menneske

by Mathilde Iversen Orlich

In my bachelor’s degree, I want to integrate more play into today’s curriculum, give the 6-year old’s a smoother transition from kindergarten to school by giving them a practical alternative to sedentary blackboard teaching.

Exploring the potential of wool as a self supporting material

by Jonas Oppedal

Due to the vast amount of unusable wool fibers, it's causing a global Waste problem. By finding new ways of using this coarse, low quality wool, I want to solve this challenge as well as utilizing this huge resource. The potential of this processing of the wool is huge and could possibly replace materials such as foam rubber and other synthetic upholstery materials.

Performativ rom

by .

Bachelorstudenter på interiørarkitektur og møbeldesign har samarbeidet med Operahøgskolen om å lage scenografien til Le nozze di Figaro fremført av årsstudentene på opera. Samarbeidet gir mulighet for å jobbe med et prosjekt som blir realisert på en scene og møte med studenter og profesjonelle fra et annet fag.

Life behind the facade

by Johnny Huynh Vo

"Oh, you're from Romsås, isn´t it dangerous there?", "To come from Groruddalen, you´re not talking very ghetto-like", "No, I refuse to take the sub further than Grønland, it´s bad on the other side", "Doesn´t it suck to live in a block?"

UT 21

by Frida Kaul Varøystrand

UT 21 is about creating a place for escaping and refuge; an escape from the city's cramped apartments and weight, a place to seek refuge from life's frustrating situations and clutter. Is UT 21 the new short-haul vacation offer we have been longing for?

Trans forme re

by Christine Dybing

Trans forme re is a project that sheds light on wardrobe issues and challenges how public baths today can function with a gender-neutral architecture. I have explored a solution that hits a wider range of what it means to be human today.

Stol på barn

by Therese Bjørkholden Braaten

This is a series of 4 chairs drawn by children. With this project, I want to take children seriously in order to learn how to step out of a designer's comfort zone. I want the expression and the emotion in the design to become the new function. I hope I succeeded, and that you give it a smile.

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