Spaces of Learning

Spaces of Learning, Facilitating encountering in the post-pandemic city What are our future social spaces/things, and how could we cultivate the meetings of otherness in the Oslo Science City (OSC) framework?

Materials Translated

Material course


‘Approach’ is a joint project for a collaborative and interdisciplinary one week intensive workshop with the students from Sámi University of Applied Sciences (SA), Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) and University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki) organized in Kautokeino, Norway in January-February 2018.


by Christopher Hansen

Rather than hide from the city, this structure offers an open public space that forms an efficient mutual relationship between architecture and technology in order to reform the cemetery typology from passive and symbolic to active and informative.


The course for ‘Specialisation 3, Material Studies’ is simultaneously an independent material exploration project and a prologue to the upcoming thesis project. The project is both open and specific. Open in the way that it is process orientated and not problem-solving, specific in the way that it only operates within the chosen material.

Oslo Block

Exploration to the near future of Osloan urban cultures.

Afterlife of the office

1½ -week intensive material-based workshop investigating the challenges of the office furniture’s lifecycles. The fast pace and the constantly fluctuating conditions in the contemporary office culture has resulted to an ever increasing volumes of abandoned office furniture as companies shift their premises, change working modes or go bankrupt.

TO, a restaurant for two

MA1 course was invited with four others to create a new restaurant concept at Aker Brygge in Oslo. The competition was organised by Norwegian Properties.

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