Life behind the facade

"Oh, you're from Romsås, isn´t it dangerous there?", "To come from Groruddalen, you´re not talking very ghetto-like", "No, I refuse to take the sub further than Grønland, it´s bad on the other side", "Doesn´t it suck to live in a block?"

"Life behind the facade" is about Romsås, and growing up there. The place, and Groruddalen district are often referred to as a problematic place with poor living conditions from the outside. These voices have contributed to the stigma of Oslo's east side, and created a narrative that does not match my own experience.

My claim that "Romsås is a nice place to grow up in" is examined through methods that provide insight and new perspectives on the place's identity. I lead you behind my own facade, and behind the facade of the building I grew up in. By entering into myself, I reveal my own identity, and thank Romsås for some values it has given me.

I share an insight into life behind the facade, seen with my own eyes. With the model, I want to show a multicultural diversity in a good environment. Hopefully, the work will change perceptions of Romsås and Groruddalen, and contribute to an expanded understanding of architecture, space and people.

Booklet with research and analysis of Romsås:

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