Design Through Synergy

The project, through my role as a design facilitator, aims to bring together designers from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, to explore and experiment with a new potential way for designers to work. The goal of the project was to collectively design a workspace.

The pandemic has forced many people to find new and alternative ways to work. It has caused a significant shift into a work-from-home state, which has brought forth great benefits for many and substantial drawbacks for some. Both physically and psychologically.

This project is significantly motivated by my theoretical work, which addressed and explored craftsmanship, the work of a craftsman, and its significance in today's culture.

In short, this project has been an experiment into a new way for designers to collectively design by using the power of the web to gather people from around the world and provide a unique platform and experience of work that is sustainable, inclusive, and appropriate, in light of the pandemic.

By bringing together a selection of designers from a diverse range of educational and cultural backgrounds, the intention was to take on the role as a fellow designer and facilitator, to create and design a workspace through an open and continuous yet democratic decision-making process.

By exploring this new approach to design, my objective was to obtain new knowledge through facilitation and design collaboration in an area I would like to apply to my future design practice.

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