Consumerism is influencing people's cognition and behavior everywhere, and no escape. I imagine that there is a situation, "SUPER-MARKETS", that criticizes consumerism and anti-consumerism at the same time.

With the fragmentation of knowledge and the advent of the entertainment era, people are becoming more and more addicted to the acquisition of instant pleasure. For example, the popularity of TikTok and instagram indicates that people are gradually becoming symbolic. This is also turning oneself into a commodity, selling oneself in a larger conceptual "market". Baudrillard predicted the arrival of this consumer society in the 60s.

Now that people have become a kind of "commodity", we have also been lost in the consumer society. I think that only by starting from the most daily consumption situations--supermarkets, can we understand that we are unconsciously affected by consumerism, and can also resonate with the widest range of consumer groups. And because of the self-service concept, the supermarket has become an excellent representative of the consumer society, and the consumer society is a "SUPER-MARKETS".

I hope to construct a situation in which consumerism and anti-consumerism exist at the same time and to start a dialogue with the public. In addition to consumerism and anti-consumerism, what I want to point out is the circular argument and tautology attribute of consumerism. Any attempt to prevent this situation from becoming a slogan that can be consumed is futile.

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