Nice Shelves

by Mads John Thomseth

«Fine Hyller» is an investigative design project. Its purpose is to explore different ways to build and interpret a shelf. Even though they’re called shelves, they’re really threedimensional sketches. They’re built quickly to accommodate my curiosity, mixing aesthetics. Hopefully I’ll see something new, with a goal of putting them back into context for others to enjoy.

Words That Breathe

by Fatimah Mahdi

The project Words That Breathe deal with emotions created through the text format, and how this can be transformed and experienced through spatial principles. The poem "Muslim Light" by the author Aon Raza presents a state of a Third Kulture Kid Challenge.

Behind Closed Doors

by Charlotte Kristine Kristiansen

Behind Closed Doors is a project about loneliness and how we meet it. An attempt to use design to create reflection around how our relationship with this feeling is affected by all the negative focus we meet it with in media and society today. How the shame and taboo that arises here is creating a distance and alienation of loneliness and the lonely.

Life on Mars: The Great Indoors

by Christopher Caleb Hansen

In my project, I use a fictional scenario to speculate on a future human colonization of Mars. I use design fiction as a tool to understand the complex issues that lie in being a human being and the society we live in. By exploring these outcomes, we can better understand our current social, cultural and technological context.

Boundary Beings and Where to Find Them

by Emma Staubo

Theme: Exploring the intersection of the digital and the physical world Research question: How to use technology to travel further into reality, rather then further away from it?


by Martine Sæther Nilsen

«Appell» er et undersøkende masterprosjekt som handler om psykisk helse og ungdom. Det overordnede målet med oppgaven har vært å skape bevissthet rundt temaer innenfor psykisk helse og utfordringene disse har for enkelt mennesker og samfunnet som helhet.

The Collective Enterprise

by Lucia Elvira Butnariu

Creating a framework and a physical non-formal platform for students to generate, apply and use knowledge and other university capabilities outside academic environments, using Oslo’s empty buildings.


by Firat Aysim

In this project, I question the existing immigration-integration program in Norway to uncover and discuss the factors that contribute to setbacks in integration process of the society. I aim to widen the possibilities that both the society and immigrants create for each other while also focusing on finding an integrative approach for the immigration and integration in Norway.

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