by Vilde Rapp Riise

In my master project I explore and investigate aspen as a material in craftsmanship, a type of wood that is not much exploited within the field of design. Through my project ‘Ospers’ I have developed tools based on the characteristics of the wood. It has been important for me to work directly in the material and testing in 1:1 to gain as much knowledge as possible.

Hemmelige offentlige rom

by Stine Helen Sletvold

I mitt masterprosjekt har jeg valgt å se på Kvadraturen og dens kvaliteter og utfordringer. Avvisende fasader, stengte porter, få folk og et nådeløst, rett gateløp gjør ikke området attraktivt. Det er også en mangel på demokratiske offentlige byrom og noen vil kanskje si at det er ikke noen grunn til å oppsøke eller oppholde seg i denne delen av byen.

Inside Down

by Laura Andrea Peña Cuellar

The idea then was to create a form of cave or quarry like structure, which followed the premises of the myth describing the underground of Gamle Aker. I made this decision in order to draw my user into some kind of closer relation with the myth, as a way of nurturing the mystery that surrounds the place.

We Grew Together

by Mari Koppanen

We Grew Together is a culturally sensitive material study about Amadou: a suede-like material derived from a polypore mushroom called Fomes fomentarius (eng. Tinder Mushroom) growing mainly on birch and beech trees. The material has a long handicraft tradition in Central Romania as the locals use it for small items such as hats and bags.

Bevar meg vel

by Martine Scheen

Prosjektet ‘Bevar meg vel’ er et masterprosjekt om brukertilpasset gjenbruk og transformasjon av arkitektur med kulturminneverdi. Intensjonen med prosjektet har vært å undersøke hvordan en utforskende og eksperimentell tilnærming kan bidra til en levende og utviklende bevaringskultur som består av tidsdybde, lesbarhet, identitet og variasjon. Plantebanken - forskningspark for biomangfold.

Over the Deadline

by Nina Tsyboulskaia

There is an empty space after someone’s death, the question is if that space should be filled. “Over the deadline” is a project that tries to indicate the thin ethical line that I, as a designer, should consider in my work, and the location of that line is changing in the same tempo as everything else around me.

Nice Shelves

by Mads John Thomseth

«Fine Hyller» is an investigative design project. Its purpose is to explore different ways to build and interpret a shelf. Even though they’re called shelves, they’re really threedimensional sketches. They’re built quickly to accommodate my curiosity, mixing aesthetics. Hopefully I’ll see something new, with a goal of putting them back into context for others to enjoy.

Words That Breathe

by Fatimah Mahdi

The project Words That Breathe deal with emotions created through the text format, and how this can be transformed and experienced through spatial principles. The poem "Muslim Light" by the author Aon Raza presents a state of a Third Kulture Kid Challenge.

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