About Death, there is a Park

Death is inevitable in our daily life. To think about death is important in the limited time of us as human beings. In my project, I conceive a park where people could ‘meet’ death in a rather casual environment. It offers an opportunity for different people to talk openly about death.

Death is rather a taboo in my cultural background. The first time I attended the funeral of a loved one, a lot of questions about death arose in my mind. My understanding of death has changed ever since.

At the beginning of the MA project, I start to survey the customs, rituals, legends that include death in different cultural backgrounds, by which I hope to approach people’s understanding towards death in different regions and races.

And how one, as an individual to think about and to confront death.

In my project, I try to explore the possibility of space in providing a neutral environment for the public to discuss the topic of death.

I want to arouse concerns and discuss with people about their personal death, and also could realize that lifespan is composed of life and death. Death is an ordinary part of life.

My work comes from my life. This project for me is an attempt of thinking outside of my cultural background, to understand death emotionally and intellectually. Through the objects that I conceived in the early phrase and the final design, I try to orient myself towards an unexplored content that I am interested in and curious about.

My practice revolves around the emotions of human being and the spatial qualities that respond to emotions.

By infusing these understandings into my works, I try to express what I have learnt from death, as well as from life.


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