BA Final works

Trans forme re

by Christine Dybing

Trans forme re is a project that sheds light on wardrobe issues and challenges how public baths today can function with a gender-neutral architecture. I have explored a solution that hits a wider range of what it means to be human today.

BA Final works

Stol på barn

by Therese Bjørkholden Braaten

This is a series of 4 chairs drawn by children. With this project, I want to take children seriously in order to learn how to step out of a designer's comfort zone. I want the expression and the emotion in the design to become the new function. I hope I succeeded, and that you give it a smile.

BA Final works

A place for seeing

by Vega Drake Carlsson

Scenography for the one-year programme, in the Academy of Opera at Khio, on the spring production the 28th and 29th of April. This project has given me the opportunity to lean towards the direction of theater and set design and away from my original field as interior architect.

BA Final works


by Bill Mobech

Plastic, the most versatile of our materials. Once described as alchemical in its universality. But there is another similarity to alchemy. Thought we could turn lead into gold, would that not make what we valued highest immediately worthless? This material inflation occurred to plastic.

BA Final works

A call for community

by Marte Elise Nesdal

For my bachelor project, I have designed a new student house at the Oslo Academy of the Arts. I have arranged for an interdisciplinary meeting place with the goal of creating dialogue, networks and communities.

BA Final works

Doppler, I have made you a shelter

by Jennifer Lundinner

Can architecture influence our perception of quality of life? My bachelor project explores the relationship between the form of housing and living, dwelling in interaction with nature.

MA Final works


by Tie Li

Consumerism is influencing people's cognition and behavior everywhere, and no escape. I imagine that there is a situation, "SUPER-MARKETS", that criticizes consumerism and anti-consumerism at the same time.

MA Final works

Fusion City

by İlayda Keskinaslan

‘Fusion City’ is a concept project that investigates the relationship between urban elements such as urban furniture and modern city dwellers. The main topic of interest of this project is to unravel the hidden potential of this relationship and find alternative ways of showing this interconnection.

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