Design Talks: Colette Gaiter and Renuka Rajiv

These artists’ works cover different aspects of the book that evolve from themes of social justice, gender identity, culture and public discourse. This talk is held in conjunction with Halden Bookworks.

Avgang 2023: Master design

​ Avgangsstudentene på master design vil presentere sine avgangsarbeider i en felles avgangsutstilling. Mer informasjon om avgangsutstillingen kommer. Avgang 2023 dokumenter avsluttende avgangsarbeid for mer enn 200 avgangsstudenter ved årsstudium, bachelorstudium og masterstudium på KHiO. Gjennom hele våren presenteres unike kunstproduksjoner og resultat av studentenes avsluttende arbeid.


Designers’ Saturday Oslo inviterer designstudenter og designere i etableringsfasen til å konkurrere om 1., 2. og 3. prisen i konkurransen Designers’ Saturday Awards Best Talents 2023.

Kunnskap, Selvskap og Utenforskap / Failure and the Workmanship of Risk

Design Research Unit’s presentation of Bjørn Blikstad’s PhD research. A preliminary summary and conclusion of the artistic research done by Bjørn Blikstad’s mainly through 2 distinct modes of:

Welcome to Artistic Research Week 2023 – week 4, 23 – 27 2023

Worlds within Worlds – Looking at Context Artistic Research Week at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) is an opportunity for each of the six departments to share their research projects with the research and education community internally, externally, and internationally.

MA2 Exhibition

MA2 is exhibiting its work as the Interior Architecture and Furniture Design class for studio 3, under the theme of material experiments. Stop by after 16.00, there will be food and drinks!

Speculative Design

Design – Critical Dialogues These dialogues are aimed at staff, practitioners and students to jointly explore contemporary concerns we face as designers. Principally, these conversations are to take place in an environment of mutual and inquisitive interest in the subject, rather than the adversarial debate.

I denne Ringsaker-skogen finner studentene den kvaliteten de trenger.

Etter en kort innledning ble de blodferske bachelorstudentene fra Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo vist en plankestabel på Nes og kastet ut på dypt kreativt vann. Knut Erik Landgraff

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