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Forbrukarrådet har bedt om hjelp frå studentar på design til å synleggjere verkemidlane annonsørar bruker – for slik betre å kunne vurdere om produktet er så grønt som det påstår. Prosjektet skal mellom anna ende i kåring av Årets grønvaskarar og samstundes lære studentane meir i kryssfeltet mellom kunstnarleg forsking, samarbeid med organisasjonar og miljøhumaniora.

Søknadsfristar - Bachelor i interiørarkitektur og møbeldesign

Avdeling design kan by på eit profesjonsretta, treårig bachelorstudium i interiørarkitektur og møbeldesign.

Design Talks: Kate Fletcher

In this talk, I will describe more than 25 years of work at the growing edge of design knowledge and practice most often in fashion and clothing. I will reference usership, Earth Logic, localism, decentring processes, design-nature relations, and systems thinking, building towards a sense of multiple interdependencies between ecological systems, design, and change...

Artistic Research Week 25 – 27 JANUARY 2022

Artistic research is inherently an embodiment of ideas, materials, subjectivities, actions, and questions. By looking directly at the forms and functions of embodiment through the arts, we can enhance our ability to recognize and to utilize reflection as a process during the creative processes.

​Ta master i design på KHiO? | Study Master’s in design at KHiO?

Søknadsfrist 01.02.2022 | Application deadline 01.02.2022 Mer info på | More info at​

Nips Utstilling (fra fransk: nippes 'pynt, stas)

How will the design of the individual objects be able to reflect different epochs and headings and how will this affect their meaning and interpretation? In what ways do today's trinkets differ from their historical origins and what values ​​do we attach to such objects now? Here you get everything from criticism, irony, and excitement.

Reclaim Oslo Commons! Exhibition opening at KHiO on Thursday 25.11. at 6 PM.

On behalf of the MA1 students in Design, You are cordially invited to view the works in the exhibition opening at 18:00 this Thursday 25.11. at KHiO Reception Gallery!

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