Daily Practice Exhibition, autumn 2015

For the Open School Day the internal Daily Practices of the students are shared. Over 1000 pieces of work are on display!

Lansering av Ellen Klingebergs bok Interiørarkitektur

Nest etter klærne på kroppen er interiøret det rommet som er oss nærmest. Interiørarkitektur handler om å forme rom for å fylle deres funksjonelles og estetiske behov. Arne Kormo kalte det romkunst.

Mark Sturkenboom lecture

Open lecture by Mark Sturkenboom about his recent works such as the 21 grams.

Ro Spankie lecture

Ro Spankie, the head of the Interior Architecture programme at University of Westminster in London will give a talk titled: "What is Design? Looking at my Mother’s Spoon”

Tama Arts University's 80th anniversary event in Tokyo

Professor Kauppila represented KHiO in the Tama Arts University's festivities this week. KHiO is one of the 18 top art and design schools in the world that partner with Tama. Even though the mutual agreement was signed only last year, the exchange activities are already well on the way.

EFG collaboration in the press

Our intensive workshop for re-using abandoned office furniture and the follow-up exhibition at the Designers' Saturday has been widely noticed in the media. Most recent issue of Nytt Rom has written an article of the student projects.

MA students visit London Design Week

This year's MA1 excursion investigated the diverse activities of the London Design Festival. The journey also included the first collaboration workshop with our new partner school, University of Westminster and their Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

Møbelkraft exhibits at Designers' Saturday

The outcomes of the CIRRUS summer school workshop were exhibited publicly in Oslo during the Designers Saturday furniture fair.

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