UT 21

UT 21 is about creating a place for escaping and refuge; an escape from the city's cramped apartments and weight, a place to seek refuge from life's frustrating situations and clutter. Is UT 21 the new short-haul vacation offer we have been longing for?

We have spent, and continue to spend, more time at home than ever before. The home is no longer just a sanctuary, but rather a workplace. Suddenly you are always at work, and never really at home. This brings with it a growing and critical need for escape that as of today can not be satisfied for everyone. If one is to assume that the situation we are currently in will affect the way we vacation in the future, one must take into account that several short-distance vacation offers must be developed and realized, especially for those who live in apartments in the cities. The purpose of this project is to develop a somewhat realistic proposal for how such an offer could look and work.

Langøyene will be the latest addition to the Oslo Fjord's cabin islands with a handful of cabins that can be rented for a shorter or longer period of time. The cabins are small and intimate, but contain what you need. You can rent a "Hans" cabin at 25 m2, a "Mathea" cabin at 40 m2 or bring your own tent.


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