Trans forme re

Trans forme re is a project that sheds light on wardrobe issues and challenges how public baths today can function with a gender-neutral architecture. I have explored a solution that hits a wider range of what it means to be human today.

This project is about transforming Sagene folkebad in Oslo into a public bath that creates a sense of affiliation between people, architecture and society. I want to find out, by both preserving and developing our built heritage, how to create democratic architecture that relates to the cultural around us in current and historical social issues by building for the future. Affiliation and openness are central topics in the subject where one often feels vulnerable. The goal of the task is to find an architectural solution that sheds a light on and at the same time takes care of human social conditions in public baths. The historical baths, as well as the Sagene folkebad anno 1900, consisted of clear distinctions and sectioning which I wanted to challenge in my proposal where these structures are dissolved into a more transparent expression. This concept supports the users’ diverse needs.

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