To eat or to be eaten, a guide to cannibalism

The project take as its theoretical and practical point of departure issues that emerge as we encounter strangers in a mobile world, and how truth is affected by the circumstance where the subject is immersed.

The attempt is to create a circumstance that encourage us to transcend our own perspective given by our own socio-cultural frame. Where our experience of the constructed situation or practice becomes the project in itself.

The task of the scenario or constructed circumstance is to become a conduit for this experience. It is presented to the user as a dilemma, making use of humour and irony, avoiding being moralistic or didactic, celebrating unreality, exposing assumptions, provoking and sparking debate.

Design is often assumed to be only related to aesthetics and functionality. This limits and prevents us from fully engaging with all the design layers. The goal of my work is to describe, explore and address a problem rather than solving it, to bring concepts and awareness, to ask the right questions.

It is not always about giving the right answers, but rather a matter of the right question being asked.

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