Street food in an urban context

The tasks of the course span from the development of a food truck concept, over a location research and documentation, to the design and basic technical planning of the truck kitchen and relevant furnitures.
The students' concepts and designs reflected on food and culture, preparation and consumption of meals, and the possible impacts on the surrounding and society.

Amanda; „Søtknollen“
A classic Norwegian meal ingredient made valuable.

Ida; „What’s for dinner?“
Collective food preparation for a shared supper.

A pop-up cinema and snack truck to revitalize abandoned city corners.

Marlene; “Stjerneskudd- a wish come true”
A fun food truck to support children on a gluten free diet.

Monika; “Time out - or bringing the woods into the city”
A menu of smells and snacks bringing back positive memories for a time out.

Nina; “Natural Nordic Nutrition”
Raw eats and dried reindeer’s meat bringing Norway’s Northern culture and nature into the capital.

Patrick; “8:45”
Hot, fast, and not degrading food for the urban citizen.

Pavel; “Colours - Food and Art”
Unicoloured menus for the right nutrients according to day time.

Solveig; “Park Pakka”
Intergenerational food truck incorporating skiing into the urban context.

Stine; “FOR MAT”
Organic, geometric food in edible packaging.

Tone; “Tomatoes”
A truck displaying the unexpected diversity of the fruit before serving it in a delicious meal.

Excerpts of two students’ works:

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