Sound On

Watch the video here:

This project was based on research of sound as a material. I created four frames covered with 2489 pieces of folded paper. Each paper represents a fragment of a feeling of loneliness, that together builds up to a huge wall.

It became a sound installation that is like a hybrid between an object and a room. It can work as a sound wall, or stand by itself in the room. Walking past it will create a movement which will generate a visual pattern and this soft, crispy sound. The movement shows the air waves in the room, so the presence of the person will be noticed.

The construction behind these frames is a flexible wall solution. Each frame has a folding frame leg so it can, when folded down, stand by itself on the floor. By shifting the height of these legs, they can easily be placed inside the main frame and then the construction can be hung on a wall.

The subtle, soft sound coming from the paper convey the feeling of loneliness, when playing on the installation the sound is at first soft, tiny but when the fragments adds up they together create the sound storm that translates the feeling inside oneself.

I choose to work with the theme loneliness for this sound project just because sound can affect us humans in a great way. To connect an abstract feeling with a material and sound was a great practice to understand more of what materials around us really mean. We all interact with colours and textures on a daily basis but not so often do we pay attention to the material's sound.

This project gave me a deeper understanding of how we can connect feelings to our design. Materials are not just something we choose for how they look, they can give the surrounding an extra layer.

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