Plastic, the most versatile of our materials. Once described as alchemical in its universality. But there is another similarity to alchemy. Thought we could turn lead into gold, would that not make what we valued highest immediately worthless? This material inflation occurred to plastic.

We have a massive plastic surplus. Due to a quality of the plastic that could otherwise be noble, that it does not corrode or rot. And we are producing more at an escalating pace. Where we stand alienated from its production behind thick factory walls, where no one has direct ownership in the corporate model.

Had we changed our view of plastic if we became more intimately acquainted with it through craft practice, breaking with the mass-produced standard format?

I wanted to explore this in my material study. Including getting to know it’s variations and history.

But most of all how it is to work in free form. And find out why this is not already more prevalent as the name plastic actually means "malleable".

I have worked sculpturally with three different types of plastic. With the goal of recreating three distinct beings. Referring to the situation of plastic of today, and its origin from something once living. And to see what happens when the plastic's machined format is dissolved.

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