Materials Translated

Material course

This Master’s course uses an artistic approach to the design of interior spaces and furniture. The student’s own expertise, experience and intuition form the basis for the development of a personal, experimental and critical approach. The course emphasises independent project development, critical thinking, empathy, social awareness and a conceptual mind-set that seeks to serve and challenge society in new ways, through material practices. The tactile experiments set the basis for critical discussions of the ethics in material related issues. Within the framework of individual projects, the student can explore boundary-breaking and interdisciplinary approaches by cooperating with students from the Academy’s various design, art and performing arts disciplines. The Academy has a full-scale Space Lab, advanced digital facilities and material-based workshops.

The course for Studio 3 is simultaneously an independent material exploration project and a personal theme for follow-up-research. The project is both open and specific. Open in the way that it is process orientated and not problem-solving, specific in the way that it only operates within the chosen material.

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