Hearing the scenery, the power of sound

As an interior architecture designer, the word ‘sound’ to me is a relatively unfamiliar vocabulary, and never been involved in my previous design, even I didn’t think about sound in my design before.

Therefore, throughout the graduate design process, I tried starting from the most basic sound itself, through the repeated loop of reading, guessing, questioning, experimentation, reflection, and my own consideration, so that to make the entire thesis more deep and more complete. When I entered this project, I never know where will be my final stage, however, my original intention is to explore a relatively new element of my space design, which could inject some fresh blood into my professional life.

This thesis is about sound, I try to find how the sound could produce the contact with the space, and what kind of contact. The different powers of sound is the starting stage of the project. Then elaborated with unconventional experiments about hearing, which discussed the relationship between space, form, shape and the sound. In the final section I decided to use sound to do some meaningful design for bringing the rational knowledge. You will see sound as the core reveal the value of the history and how the space design deal with the relationship between viewings and sound.

It is interesting to see a design project about sound that is not about the acoustic design in the theater, or concert, but about other things. That is not easy. Maybe you will feel bemused, understood, surprised, identity or...That is my process. I also believe that you would gain the thinking, knowledge, reflection, ideas... And of course, have a new understanding of what could sound do in design.

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