Doppler, I have made you a shelter

Can architecture influence our perception of quality of life? My bachelor project explores the relationship between the form of housing and living, dwelling in interaction with nature.

The book Doppler written by Erlend Loe became my starting point, and I placed myself as an architect drawing a simple, primitive shelter in the woods for the main character. The goal was an accommodation that would be the center between primitive and a good place to live. Up at Vettakollen in Oslo was the scenario placed, and there Doppler will live in relation to nature, the dwelling, and the moose Bongo.

The literary context of the project is a humorous element but also a critique of today's structured life in the city. In the woods, the idea is that a different time frequency is created, where the forest embraces and changes the time in contrast to the city life.

The dialogue between the literary and the practical work has been a rewarding method for finding perspectives on the theme, and the result is a simple, primitive shelter.

Architecture that challenges and promotes quality of life.

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