Design Talks: Talk by Mycela

Mushrooms and Mycelium in Design & Architecture. A talk by Mycela, a company’s research in growing the next-generation materials based on fungal solutions.

The talk is followed by a panel discussion with Toni Kauppila, Sigurd Strøm, and Mari Koppanen. Moderator Maziar Raein.

Mycela is an Oslo-based company founded in 2020. By uniting nature, science and design, we aim to radically change the future of materials.

Renée Isabel Bakkemo. Renée is a molecular biologist and mycologist. Her number one passion is the kingdom of fungi and all the amazing ways fungi can help us solve environmental problems. She has extensive experience working in laboratory environments and with research projects. Renée is also a science communicator with published articles, currently writing a book and holding engaging talks about the secrets of fungi. Due to her scientific background, she will be in charge of the R&D activities and also involved in spreading the (mushroom) message through outreach.

Maria Helena Aaslund. Maria has a business and design management education from London and several years of experience working in Oslo’s creative sector as an advisor and project manager. She has broad experience leading complex projects within advertising, technology, and design-driven environments for a range of local and international clients. With a passionate interest in design, sustainability, and finding clever ways to solve problems, Maria will be responsible for product & business development, identifying market opportunities, and overseeing the overall process of bringing products to market.

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