A place for seeing

Scenography for the one-year programme, in the Academy of Opera at Khio, on the spring production the 28th and 29th of April. This project has given me the opportunity to lean towards the direction of theater and set design and away from my original field as interior architect.

The title of my project "A place to see", is taken from the ancient Greek word theatron and which is the literal translation. The word is based on what the spectator sees, a place for the audience and the visual. (-Liddell and Scott 1989).

My project emphasizes basic principles in scenography and art. My process are balancing on a common thread via the human and the oversized scale. I chose to express a scenic room within opera. In opera, I have the opportunity to break boundaries and create larger forms than in other scenic contexts.

In model, photographs, light and process video, I take you on a narrative journey. Here I show a room that problematizes classic opera settings, stereotypes and the use of materials. I want to question who is the protagonist, gender roles and the dynamics between the characters. Therefore, I have chosen to create an organic (feminine) form and a strict/functional (masculine) form. These shapes can rotate and move to create different spaces on the stage.


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