A call for community

For my bachelor project, I have designed a new student house at the Oslo Academy of the Arts. I have arranged for an interdisciplinary meeting place with the goal of creating dialogue, networks and communities.

After three years as a student at KHIO, I have experienced that there is a lack of an interdisciplinary meeting place. This has been a great loss to me and several of my fellow students. Such a meeting place would be a strength for the school and contribute to an important learning dimension. I want to highlight the need for an informal and social meeting place. I want to inspire future students and the management to establish this important meeting place.

The student house is located in the "Japanese garden" at the school grounds. The building's design has been given a clear floor plan with opportunities for flexibility. It can easily be changed according to different needs. The simple design makes it possible for students to design the place as desired. I have chosen durable materials that patinates and change over time. The idea is that the materials will change together with the building and the people.


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