From maker to museum 25.03

From maker to museum: Norwegian Presence 2021

Half day digital programme from cutting edge Norwegian designers and manufacturers on the future of craftsmanship.

About this Event

A series of three half-day online events will bring together the best Norwegian designers and manufacturers with leading international design thinkers to explore the ideas, values and aesthetic trends shaping design culture in Norway and beyond.

For the second in the series, on 25 March 2021, the theme will explore craftsmanship, particularly how it’s produced, consumed and appreciated.

One of the defining characteristics of Nordic design culture is a deep appreciation of craftsmanship and a concomitant respect for honest materiality. This sensibility doesn’t stop at the factory door; craft is ingrained in the approaches of Norwegian manufacturers operating at even the largest scales. Looking through the lens of a growing appreciation of bespoke design and small-batch production, this event will explore the path from designers and craftspeople to museums and collectors, and consider the role that manufacturers play in the journey between the two.

Participants include the following exhibitors from Norwegian Presence 2021:


Kristen de la Vallière: Working across New York, Paris and Mexico, Kristen is a curator of contemporary design and founder of Say Hi To.

Stina Högkvist: Head of Collections at Norway's New National Museum.

Philipp von Hase: Furniture designer and carpenter dedicated to the sustainable use of materials, presenting a new prototype furniture family using a traditional steam-bending technique.

Ali Gallefoss: Furniture and spatial designer exploring the material qualities of stone and aluminium to produce experimental sculptural pieces.

Nils Stensrud: Having studied architecture, he takes an experimental approach to small-scale architecture and furniture production.

Vilde Hagelund: Designer working with birch wood to explore its material properties; named as one of the world’s most promising young design talents by Wallpaper*.

Hamran: Carpentry workshop with over 90 years of experience, committed to using locally sourced oak to design and build bespoke interiors and kitchens.

Volver: Design studio creating premium handmade rugs for private and public spaces, with a focus on artistic expression and collaboration.

As conversations about local production and a turn towards the small batch take hold in mainstream debates, this event marks a curious, in-depth and expected take on the subject.

The event will be held in English and moderated by Benedicte Sunde and Design Dialogue UK.

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