KHiO has joined up with the world leading design company IDEO. Their design director Paul Bennett is running a course with our MA students, that will take place both in Oslo and in London this spring 2020.

The design project will investigate challenges and opportunities emerging within the climate change and in the post-oil economy, and how those may impact our understanding of Norway as one of the leading welfare states in the world. The results will be exhibited internationally, please follow up news for updates.

“Paul Bennett was very impressed by KHiO and our students after visiting the school during Designers’ Saturday 2019, and asked to come back for a project ” says Toni Kauppila professor and head of the Interior Architecture and Furniture Design. “We are extremely grateful for their effort far beyond our normal possibilities, they treat us like clients and in addition they’ve added a pedagogical element.” The project looks at what a new ‘Norwegianness’ can become in the future if the population grows with 10 –15 millions with a diverse cultural background.

More about the project:

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