Designers Saturday Awards Best Talents 2019

Mari Koppanen, who graduated from Master of Design at KHiO in the spring of 2019, won both the 1st and 2nd award during the DS Awards Best Talents 2019.

Among the thirteen nominees, Mari Koppanen took both the 1st and 2nd place during the award of DS Awards Best Talents. She received the awards for:

1. We Grew Together

2. Modern Nomadism

On the photo is the award winner herself together with Nina Tsybolskaia, who got 3rd place for the project Over The Deadline. She is also a former KHiO student and graduated with a Master of Design in 2019.

DS Award Best Talents

Designers' Saturday Oslo 2019 invited design students and established designers for a joint competition and exhibition during the DS. All design students and designers graduated during the past five years from Norwegian design education and Norwegian students from colleges/universities abroad were welcome to participate with one or more products, which were not older than two years.

The jury selected thirteen nominees, who were part of the DS Awards Best Talents 2019 exhibition at Oslo National Academy of the Arts 6-8th September 2019. The winners were honoured during the official opening of Designers' Saturday Oslo on September 6.

Congratulations to Mari and Nina!

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