www, Internet is for reals?

The BA2 students from Interior Architecture & Furniture Design exhibit at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The exhibition investigates the relationship between the digital and physical worlds through furniture.

We are constantly living on the very edge between the digital and the physical worlds, slowly blurring the boundaries of the two. Through experimentation both in theory and in studios the students have approached the task personally and made prototypes telling different stories simulating possible scenarios. Digital storage for example: Did you know that only 0,5% of what is stored by your web browsing is usable information? How would that translate to a cabinet? Or what happens in between the layers on the desktop when brought back to materiality. We invite you to our stand to discuss the effects of digital living.

The stand is located in the Greenhouse area at VH01:19. The fair opens on Tuesday 7.2. and continues until 11.2..

For more information, please visit project website https://www.khio-www.com.

Keep up with us on instagram @imkhio.no