Nigel Coates Lecture

Nigel Coates is a celebrated British architect and designer. He has consistently experimented and questioned his field, extended its boundaries and bridged it with semiotics, craftsmanship and contemporary culture. His work plays on psycho-geographic association between the built environment and the people who live in it.​

Nigel Coates has designed buildings and interiors both in the UK and Japan. In recent years, Nigel has accumulated a broad-ranging catalogue of furniture and lighting designs. His products have been realized by many Italian companies. From 1995 to 2011 Nigel was head of the Department of Architecture at the RCA (Royal College of Art). Beyond issues of function or style, narrative, he asserts, is a language of design that builds on people’s everyday experience. He believes that the city can best be understood when explored as a living entity.

Thursday 10.3. at 11:30, Auditorium.

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