Lucia Butnariu wins the Statsbyggs student award for outstanding achievement in Spatial and Furniture Design

The award is aimed to encouraging an experimental and innovative approaches in spatial and furniture design amongst future generations of interior architects. Statsbygg student award is 20 000 NOK.

The jury's report states about Ms Butnariu's project the following:

"The study describes alternative learning arena’s that can be integrated into existing properties in Oslo.

A comprehensive list of properties which may be suitable for the concept is included. Innovative learning arenas and concepts are presented, followed by descriptions and sketches of spaces suitable for different types of collaborations such as: collaborative, creative, controlling and competing environments. The study concludes with four scenarios: urban kitchens, urban agriculture, bike workshop, learning arena with housing for the elderly, which are used for various spatial studies in selected properties. Reuse - allows for environmentally friendly low-cost solutions.

Thorough research, innovative design strategy, interesting reading!"

Congratulations Lucia!

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