Stille før stormen, industry report for Møbelkraft

Our dedicated concentration to the global questions in the furniture sector have given us a better understanding of the Norwegian context. Thus we believe to be in a position to assist Møbelkraft gaining knowledge to steer towards the favorable path. We see common interest and objectives to collide and our competences and expertise being applied through a strategic research partnership in advancing Norwegian furniture industry’s competitiveness internationally. The role of the design and designer are broadening and to gain novel position in the ever more complex furniture business, we see strategical collaboration between the academia and the industry like this necessary.

The survey is based on company visits and interviews. And also a student workshop was organized around the investigated issues to generate more in depth knowledge. This report is the first one in the series and is done in close connection with the Møbelkraft's leadership. We have also partnered with Mr Jussi Paasio from the 2nd Opinion Ltd for financial expertise. The limited edition printed report was designed by Oscar Grønner.

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