Boundary Beings and Where to Find Them

Life seems to thrive at edges; where land meets sea, mountain meets marshlands or forest meets field. When two varying climates meet and overlap a new zone is created. In ecology and phytogeography, this transition zone is referred to as an ecotone zone. The merging of different qualities form new conditions, creating the evolutionary foundation for new life forms. This project is an exploration of the ecotone zone between the digital and the physical world and is aiming to highlight effects from the integration of computer technology into our everyday life. Examining different digital phenomenon in a biological context has revealed some of the latent potential existing in the intersection of these two worlds.

Most of us interact with the digital world only through the interface of our electronic devices, but on the other side there is an invisible landscape of signals and frequencies we can measure with instruments but not detect with our traditional senses. In cultural and historical context, mythical beings are often created when people encounter something they don’t fully understand. These beings are representations of our relation to what lies beyond the reach of our senses and understanding. We are still unsure of the consequence of our interaction with the digital and what effect radio and microwave radiation might have on us and our surroundings. The Boundary Beings are mythical beings of the 21st century, aiming to bring attention towards some of the underlying conditions and effects of this technology.

The characters and appliances developed in this project are manifestations of possible evolutionary life forms of the digital age. They are an attempt to make visible the invisible aspects of the technology we surround ourselves with. The beings are created as signs and communicative vessels in physical form, aiming to change our perspective, allowing us to see ourselves from the eyes of another.

This project has reviled an extension of what we regard as habitable space, and therefor a new field in the context of furniture and interior design - a new dimension that allows for new possibilities.

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